Old Park, St Lawrence

The  house is thought to date back to 900 AD, and  may have been a hunting lodge.

1309 – Charter for hawking at St Lawrence Park.  At one time there was a mill below the house with a large lake.

1740 – Present house built.

1820 – Thomas Haddon was the owner.  He converted the house for use as a country residence, and it was visited by Queen Victoria.

1865 – A new wing was added to the house.  Sir John Cheape owned the property, and he also installed central heating and plumbing. (There were three taps in bathroom – one labelled ‘Hot’, one ‘Cold’ and one ‘Rainwater’.)

1883 – Walter Spindler owned the house. He imported and planted a million trees on the Old Park Estate in Whitwell Parish, and had water pumps  erected in Whitwell for the people living there to use. Sarah Bernhardt, a famous actress, visited – she had a liaison with Mr Spindler, who painted her portrait.

In its latter days it was owned by Thornton Family, and the ‘Bird Park’ and Glass making factory were on the estate.