Society Monthly Meetings

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27th July Victorian Boarding House and Renovation

The Society’s next meeting will feature a talk by Jonathan Collins on the history and renovation of Navarino Villa, a semi-detached house built in 1870, situated on St Boniface Road, Ventnor, next to the Edwardian school. It was built as a boarding house and welcomed many visitors to Ventnor during the Victorian era. Over the years… read more »

29th June 2018 An Island Legacy

The talk, by Kenneth Hicks,  will be illustrated by many engravings made by the Brannon family, along with contemporary photographs of the same scenes, by sea, land and air, in order to show how the Island has changed over the past 200 years. The meeting will, as usual, be held at the Masonic Hall in… read more »

25 May 2018: Lowtherville 1878-2018

The talk, by Colin Beavis, will describe the development of the upper part of the town of Ventnor over the last 140 years, when the area grew from a handful of basic houses to the heavily-populated district that it is today.       The meeting will, as usual, be held at the Masonic Hall in Grove… read more »