From the 2004 Visitors Book


Mr & Mrs T - Maidenhead

"What a wonderful place to look round, and what a lovely person Brenda is. thank you"

Mr N - Surrey "Very good memories of St Catherine's School"
Miss D "Fun, entertaining stuff. COOL !"
Ms B - Romsey "Excellent display. Having visited Ventnor many times & being fond of it, it was fascinating to discover its history & to be welcomed so kindly"
Mr & Mrs T - Herts "Very interesting, the old photographs are excellent"
Ms C - Kent "Excellent all round - great for research & made me buy the video"
Mr R - Peterborough "A wonderful exhibition - always something interesting to see or find out about, keep up the good work !"
Mr & Mrs T - Bucks "Dreams are made of this. How can we get the good things back ?"
Mr & Mrs H - Lancs "Very gratifying - found picture of my aunt on the wall !"
Mr & Mrs B - Birmingham "So interesting. Could have stayed for hours !"
Mr B - Ventnor "A lot of interesting exhibits & the railway especially"
Mr & Mrs A - Herts "Memories of our last visit in 1947 !!"
Mr P - Birmingham "Most interesting collection of pictures to bring back happy memories"
Mr & Mrs G - Buckland "We met at the R.N.H. in 1952. So have come back to renew happy memories"
Ms V - Michigan, USA "Found my family - just wonderful"
P Family - Hants "Very interesting & enjoyable. Superb model railway"
P Family - Kent "Very good really like the Till 10/10"
Mr M - Norwich "Very impressive & well worth visiting, staff very helpful"
Mr & Mrs E - Grimsby "Good to see old pictures, recognized many from my childhood days in Ventnor"
Mr J - Barmouth "Found everyone very helpful"
Mr B - Enfield "Excellent"
Mr D - Ventnor "The staff were a mine of information. Excellent. Carry on the good work"
Mr & Mrs W - Southampton "Particularly interesting as my mother & grandmother were born in the High Street"
Mr & Mrs S - Dorset "Interesting & well produced record of the history of the locality"
Miss D - Sheffield "It is a lovely exhibition and the train set is nice"
Mr & Mrs G - Kent "Very interesting place, a lot of Victorian heritage"
Miss D - London "I liked the till thingy, and the photos"
Master D - London "I liked the trains and the video of Ventnor's past"