Photographic Galleries (50% changed annually)

Around the Villages - Wroxall, Whitwell, Chale & Niton

Churches & Churchill - Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill's death

Ventnor and the Undercliff - A Time Line

Ventnor People

Transports of Delight

In Memory of World War 1

Ventnor Gallery

Steephill Castle & The Royal National Hospital

Scale Models

Ventnor Station (Operational)

Ventnor West Station (Operational)

Ventnor Mill

Steephill Castle

Bonchurch Old Church

Rose Cottage

House in St Alban's Gardens (No 3)

Royal National Hospital - Pair of Cottages

RMS Titanic & Mauretania


Turnstile from Ventnor Pier

Old Shop Till

1923 Singer Sewing Machine

Printers Composing Tray

Clerk's Desk

Cannon Ball

Bus Stop Sign

Dinosaur Foot cast


Dray Brake Shoe

Steephill Letter Box

Street Nameplates


Challenge Cups


Ceremonial Silver Trowel


Hygeia Tapestry

Milk Churn

Shop Signs

Rechabites Honours Board

Railway Signs / Memorabilia

Trinket / Gift Boxes




Stone from Esplanade Clock Tower

Coach Tours / Trips Display Boards

Sir Thomas Brisbane's Meridian Stone

Royal National Hospital Boundary Stone

Royal National Hospital Dedication Plaque

China / Pottery / Jars / Cutlery /Toy Soldiers

Beer Barrel and Beer Bottles from Burts Brewery

Dispatch Case belonging to Sir Willoughby Gordon

1920's Fireman's Helmet & Fire Service Memorabilia

Gas Masks and other Second World War Memorabilia

1901 Illuminated Testimonial to Dr James M. Williamson


Paintings & Posters etc

Oil Paintings

Water Colours


War Posters

Event Posters



OS Maps


(some items have been kindly loaned)


DVD Display

A Rest-A-While seating area is available where the Society's popular DVD 'Ventnor and the Undercliff' may be viewed (and the Old Shop Till operated)

Study Table

A Table for quiet Study / Research / Writing is available

Housed at the table is a Front-of-House Visitor Terminal (Temporally Unavailable) on which may be viewed:-

A collection of the original  Ordnance Survey  'County ' series of 1:2500 (25inch) maps dating from 1876 covering  Luccombe - Bonchurch - Whiteley Bank - Wroxall - Ventnor - Steephill - Appuldurcombe - Whitwell  St. Lawrence - Roud - Niton  &  Blackgang

Ventnor & District Electoral Registers for 1920 / 1925 / 1933 / 1938 / 1947 (Indexed) - Registers are Name led to 1933 & Street led from 1933

Kelly and other Ventnor Street / Trade Directories for the years 1871 / 1903 / 1935 / 1951

Ventnor Municipal Cemetery Plans & Names Index for the period 1870 - 2000

The Ventnor County Middle School Photographic Collection - Copies available priced 1 each

The Museum's Acquisitions Database - In excess of 23,000 records

Ancillary sound and vision items

Also at or adjacent to the study table are:-

 A leaver arch file containing a synopsis of information relating to many aspects of Ventnor

A collection of Scrap Books containing many items relating to the V & D Local History Society / Museum

A Journal maintained by ex pupils of St. Catherine's home / school

Stored Items  - Should you wish to view these or any items not on display, please see the Duty Steward

                    Index of Ventnor Planning Applications 1868 - 1948

                    Local News Papers from 1945 to present time

                    Property Sale Particulars from 1850

                    Ordnance Survey 'National Grid' 1:2500 (25inch) maps dating from 1973

                    School Photographic collections acquired from the defunct St. Boniface / St. Margaret's / St. Wilfrid's Schools

                    School Log Books from the above schools

                    Individual (head & shoulder) school photographs from Ventnor County Middle School

                    Books by Rev. Adams / H de Vere Stacpoole / John Oliver Hobbbes / Elizabeth Sewell and other local authors

                    Many thousands of photographs and other items as indexed in the Museum's acquisitions database


All the Society's Publications and For Sale items are on display in the Museum

Visitors Book

Visitors are most welcome to sign and add their comments to the Visitors Book at the Reception Desk